A large part of my work comes from recording and programming drum tracks for artists around the world, as well as engineering and mixing for some of the bands I play in. While going into a commercial studio is always the most fun, in these days of global collaborations it isn't always feasible. At my personal project studio I'm able to put together custom tailored drum tracks for a reasonable cost to the artist. I have a variety of drum kits, Sabian cymbals, samples and percussion at my disposal. While the technological side of the studio is always changing my current set up uses Focusrite and API  mic pres, Logic Pro X as my DAW, along with a variety of Shure, Sennheiser, AKG and Rode microphones.  Here are some songs I've played on.  Some are live, some were recorded here in my home studio and others were recorded in other professional studios. It's a pretty diverse range, and I'll be rotating them from time to time. Where possible, I included links to check out more on the artists. If you want to collaborate, feel free to contact me at Sorrentinodrums@gmail.com.

Here are some recent remote collaboration videos! Check my Videos page for more!